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Henry Whipple’s wife, Cornelia, sometimes traveled with him, but often her family and school duties kept her in Faribault.

During his long trips, Henry wrote to her almost every day in very romantic language. He also wrote constantly of his concern at leaving her with so many responsibilities. Because transportation was slow, sometimes Henry was gone for six months or longer. In one letter, he assured Cornelia that if she became ill and needed him to come home, he could be there– in about sixteen days.

Here is part of a letter Henry Whipple wrote while travelling to Scotland by steamer ship in October, 1864:

"And now darling, I wish I could tell you all I think of you. Every day and many times a day your image comes up to me as a… dear and faithful wife and loving mother. I would give more than a little if I could tell you face to face. I go to bed and you are always by me. I often go back over the path of years and how sweet is all the precious memories of your fidelity– God reward you for being such a wife and darling forgive me that I permitted even good works from showing you all the love I might.

That I do always have loved you I knew and never so well as today– I borrow all kinds of anxiety about you– fear that you have not good servants or will not care for yourself or that you may be in need or that I may have caused you sorrow. So for my sake tell me if there is a thing I can do for you. Write to me all that concerns you and how you get on. Don’t be afraid to tell me. .. I hope the children will do all they can to help you… I prize your letters. That first letter has been read and reread and has been moistened by tears… You are so loving and kind. So faithful and true I had no right to ever tax you so...

Your loving Henry”


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