Being Neighborly:
Homes and Neighborhoods

The residential neighborhoods which stretched away from the commercial
district offered a deliberate contrast in atmosphere. The orderly
footsteps of platted lots were filled with carefully chosen styles of
single-family homes, shaded (or soon to be shaded) by elms and maples.
Many of Faribault’s homes were built during the peak of the
Victorian-style homebuilding era, when decorative elements and fine
workmanship were hallmarks of a fine house. Newspapers described in
detail each notable new home, and reported on the social gatherings they

People of the Past
Whom could you find in Faribault's homes and neighborhoods?

Extraordinary and Everyday Events
What past events were the talk of the neighborhood?

Fun Features
Which neighborhood locations were special to Faribault residents?

Secret Stories
What was hiding in the neighborhood?

Virtual Tour
Ten great neighborhood sites.



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