Explore four aspects of Faribault’s history and architecture through photographs and virtual tours.

People of the past.
Extraordinary and everyday events.
Fun features.
Secret stories.

Strolling Main Street: The Historic Downtown District
Meet a popcorn vendor, see the Opera House and locate men with vices. Explore an Italianate storefront.

Being Neighborly: Homes and Neighborhoods
Meet Alexander Faribault’s household help, see Central Park and identify “The Mob.” Explore a Queen Anne home.

Shaping the Community: Civic and School Life
Meet architect Olof Hanson, see a mayor at dinner, and learn about state schools. Explore City Hall's Rennaissance Revival architecture.

Set in Stone: Limestone Building Traditions
Meet Bishop Whipple, see a quarry and discover treasure caves. Explore the Episcopal Cathedral's Gothic
Revival architecture.


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