City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2018-2 An ordinance amending the Unified Development Ordinance, Section 6-250, fence location an height requirements and Section 6-260, fence materials and maintenance requirements.

2018-3 An Ordinance Amending the Unified Development Ordinance, Section 6-180, Residential Accessory Buildings

2018-8 An Ordinance Rezone property in the Met-Con Business Park from TUD,Transitional Urban Development District to I-1, Light Industrial District and I-2, Heavy Industrial District

2018-9 An Ordinance on Excel Franchise Fees

2018-10 An Ordinance Amending Appendix A, Article II of the City Code of Ordinances adding a Franchise Agreement with Greater Minnesota Gas

2018-11 An Ordinance creating Chapter 14 Article X of the Faribault City Code

2018-12 An Ordinance Vacate a Portion of a Drainage and Utility Easement at 320 NW 3RD Street

2018-13 An Ordinance Vacate Perimeter Easements in Certain Lots Located in the 218 Addition, and a portion of Highway 218 Right-of-Way at 2005 2nd Avenue NW

2018-16  Amending Chapter 2, Sec. 2-4 of the City Code of Ordinances regarding City Departments and Departmental Administrators
2018-17 Amending Chapter 11, Sec. 11-3 of the City Code of Ordinances regarding Garbage and Refuse License and Inspection Fees
If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.