City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2018-2 An ordinance amending the Unified Development Ordinance, Section 6-250, fence location an height requirements and Section 6-260, fence materials and maintenance requirements.

2018-8 An Ordinance Rezone property in the Met-Con Business Park from TUD,Transitional Urban Development District to I-1, Light Industrial District and I-2, Heavy Industrial District

2018-9 An Ordinance on Excel Franchise Fees

2018-10 An Ordinance Amending Appendix A, Article II of the City Code of Ordinances adding a Franchise Agreement with Greater Minnesota Gas

2018-11 An Ordinance creating Chapter 14 Article X of the Faribault City Code

2018-12 An Ordinance Vacate a Portion of a Drainage and Utility Easement at 320 NW 3RD Street

2018-13 An Ordinance Vacate Perimeter Easements in Certain Lots Located in the 218 Addition, and a portion of Highway 218 Right-of-Way at 2005 2nd Avenue NW
If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.